Create a free website by WordPress or Blogger

Of you want to create a website but you don’t have any knowledge of any language for creating, designing or developing for creating a website. Then it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a website, off course you can. Then you can use free CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System. It gives an environment to write content and design it. There are many Content Management System Software has. But most used and most Seo friendly CMS is WordPress and Blogger. Here you don’t need to know any programming language. Just create a website and write on it and then publish it worldwide.

Today I’ll disscuss about wordpress or blogger and how you will install all.

If You have some knowledge on website then you can also create your own website

Which One You’ll Choose

Now the most important thing is that which one you’ll choose – WordPress or Blogger. Before choosing the one you need to know which one gives you the best environment and which give the most benefit.

If you don’t want to invest in your website that means you want to create a site in free then I’ll suggest you choose the Blogger. Because of Blogger or BlogSpot CMS built by Google and they give the hosting for free. That means they give a user to host their file or website for free. They also give you a subdomain for your website. Like ex: They will also host your all video, audio, text file for free. You don’t need any money for building a successful site. Here you can also use themes and plugins for design view and feature for your site.

Now if you are ready for investing for your site then I’ll suggest you create a site using WordPress. But you can still create a site by WordPress for free by But here you have too many limitations like bandwidth, file hosting limit, etc. For more visit or WordPress is the most users friendly. Here you can easily create your site after a simple setup process. You can easily make SEO friendly your site. Here’s you will get millions of free band paid theme and plugins.

So I’ll tell just create your site with WordPress if you are ready to invest money.

Make a Site by WordPress

Now it’s time to which one you will choose between and

If you choose then follow the next process

  • Just go to and sign up.
  • Here your user name will be the name of your site.After verifying your address it will take you to the main admin panel.
  • Now go to Settings and finish fill up all necessary things like the tagline, time zone, etc.
  • Congrats your site is published into the worldwide. Your website address will be

Now follow the next process if you choose Just go to and download the WordPress file.

  • Now you will get 5.0 and upper of WordPress.
  • Now go to your “Php My Admin” and create a database named WordPress.
  • Go to your C-panel and upload the all WordPress file into C-panel.
  • Unzip the file. And move the entire file into the main folder.
  • Open the URL of your site in a browser.
  • Then a window will appear like it

Click “Let’s Go” for the next process

  • Fill all the information Database name, username, password, database host and table prefix just you have created before.
  • Here database name will be WordPress, the username will be the PhpMyAdmin username password will be PhpMyAdmin password and database host will be Localhost.
  • Click for submitting and run the installation.
  • Here a form will open fill up with all needed information like password and user name etc. and click Install WordPress.
  • If the image like next show. Congrats you have created your site.
  • Just login with information for login
  • It’s the image for the dashboard of a WordPress site.

Make Site by Blogger

Making site by the blogger is very. It’s all configurations done automatically using your information. You need only a Gmail account to create a site by Blogger. Just go to blogger.comin your browser.

The next window will open

Then click “Create Your Blog”

Now select an account for creating a site. After Selecting an account it will take you to the next window

When a new window displayed then it will ask to create a new blog. And click that

Now its time to select the name and URL of your blog. You can also choose a theme here

Click for Create My Blog. If the next Window open, Congratulations you have to create a blogspot site which is free

Happy Blogging. Be with Us

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